Monday, October 5, 2009

Still Plugging Away

Any sense of confidence built by Sat's triumph with the Piggie's Hawaiian dress was completed destroyed by yesterday.  I picked up Simplicity's New Look 6880.  The pattern was terribly hard to read and understandy compared to the See & Sew ones.  Further more I was sooooo annoyed and disappointed that the sleeves have a puff in them even tho the pictures on the pattern instructions and the envelople clearly does not.  I can't give a boy a Hawaiian shirt with puff sleeves!  Are you kidding me!  If anyone hows how to convert a puff sleeve to a regular flat sleeve...please help!  The party's this Sat.  I'm going to my seamstress neighbor's today and hope that she'd be kind enough to show me.  Look at this mess after literally hours trying to understand and redo the sleeve...still no final product produced.

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