Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cloth bag

This item was pieced together last night. Being that I'm still a novice with took me longer than necessary to figure out how to sew this together properly without a pattern. I already have one with 6 interior pockets, 3 on each interior side (purchased)...since I personally don't use the 6 pockets...I made this one with just 3. I am very proud of my work. I think it will take me less the 1/2 the time I spent last night when I make another one.

This bag is great as a diaper bag or a casual everyday bag. I find that since I became a mom, I tend to carry A LOT more stuff in my purse. This is roomy enough to carry a small water bottle, a couple diapers, travel wipes, and junk along with compartments/pockets for my wallet and keys.

Miracle in a jar

On our trip to Italy back in 2006, we went to the Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy in Florence. It's were the monks used to formulate all kinds of creams, lotions, baths, and perfume. As a souvenir, Lisa picked up a jar of their Almond Foot Cream. OMG! A little goes a long way. We didn't know it then, but I guess they have stores in Beverly Hills and NYC. During her mini-vacation to NYC last week, she brought back a jar for me! If you don't live near either, you can always get it online at eluxury. Ever since the pregnancy with the little Piggie, my poor feet have been sad and callused. Literally after 2 nights of apply what would amount to less than a dime size, the calluses have been reduced by over 50%. Soon I will have my beautiful little feet back.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Market bag

Almost everyone in Australia uses market bags. You'd see people of all ages go to the store with a sack full of market bags. Doesn't matter where you go, they all do it. In an effort to help reduce waste, I'm going to start using cloth bags. Here's one I made with some fabric I picked up years ago. It was really simple. I think I'm going to modify the shape a bit - maybe a bit more square.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Babies all around

More baby boys...this must be the year of boys. Tanya's expecting baby boy in Oct, Suzanne's boy is due in July, and Jane just had her baby boy! Whew. I'm sending the crazy monkeys burpers over to Jane for little Roy. The airplane ones are going to Suzanne. And OMG! Jenny's preggo too! Shhhh...she hasn't annouced it yet, Anjali leaked the news.

If you haven't notices, although these pics were taken at the same time on the same backgroung, the top one is way more pink than the bottom. We got a new Samsung digital camera - in celebration of 30 yrs in US market, they gave these to all of their employees. I just picked it up from Sam today at lunch, so just beginning to understand the buttons. Evidently I had the setting on Retro setting.

Nursing cover #3

I've been having a hard time find the right fabric that's good as a nursing cover for a boy. Then I thought this is nice modern, bold and not to fem for a mom nursing a baby boy. Although I didn't have enough for the full body of the nursing cover...I used some left over scraps of brown to trim it. I liked how it turned out so much that I had a hard time giving it to Doris.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Land down under

The flight to Australia with the little Piggie was not bad at all. The flight went well. She was fine for take off and landing. She was asleep in my mom's arms for the landing. We got a bassinet for her. The flight had approx 100 empty seats. So my aunt found a window seat to give us more room. She was curious and up around when we initially boarded the plane. She then got bored with being confined in such a limited space around 1pm. I have her 1 dose of benedryl and she fell asleep soon after that. She slept in the bassinet til around 5am, I heard her wiggling and gave her a bottle of formula. That carried her til about 9am. She got up and nursed, played and went back down. Got up again and nursed and ate around 12. She was asleep for landing. There was probably a total of 30 -60 mins of her fussing, but ultimately not bad.