Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Land down under

The flight to Australia with the little Piggie was not bad at all. The flight went well. She was fine for take off and landing. She was asleep in my mom's arms for the landing. We got a bassinet for her. The flight had approx 100 empty seats. So my aunt found a window seat to give us more room. She was curious and up around when we initially boarded the plane. She then got bored with being confined in such a limited space around 1pm. I have her 1 dose of benedryl and she fell asleep soon after that. She slept in the bassinet til around 5am, I heard her wiggling and gave her a bottle of formula. That carried her til about 9am. She got up and nursed, played and went back down. Got up again and nursed and ate around 12. She was asleep for landing. There was probably a total of 30 -60 mins of her fussing, but ultimately not bad.

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