Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Babies all around

More baby boys...this must be the year of boys. Tanya's expecting baby boy in Oct, Suzanne's boy is due in July, and Jane just had her baby boy! Whew. I'm sending the crazy monkeys burpers over to Jane for little Roy. The airplane ones are going to Suzanne. And OMG! Jenny's preggo too! Shhhh...she hasn't annouced it yet, Anjali leaked the news.

If you haven't notices, although these pics were taken at the same time on the same backgroung, the top one is way more pink than the bottom. We got a new Samsung digital camera - in celebration of 30 yrs in US market, they gave these to all of their employees. I just picked it up from Sam today at lunch, so just beginning to understand the buttons. Evidently I had the setting on Retro setting.

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