Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ummm cake

Shanny made this adorable birthday cake for Lisa's 30th last weekend. We all went to Skate Depot for a night of 70s Disco Roller Skating. It was great since we dressed up too!

Shanny's already thinking about Piggie's birthday in a couple months. She's making 2 cakes! Tinkerbell and pigs! I'm looking forward to see what she comes up with.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pants party

I went to M&L last week to pick up fabric for Lisa's little dress I'll be making her. I found a super cute brown and pink apples corduroy fabric. I thought it would make a great pair of pants for the little Piggie. I used one of her little pants as a pattern to cut. We tried it on for size but it's just a tad snug. Maybe I'll need to add a zipper or button up???

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Up cycle

I made of shirt from scraps from my mom's blouse. She wanted 10-12 inches taken off her 2 shirts so I re purposed them and fashioned a cute little shirt for the Piggie. This will be perfect for the brisk temperature in Australia this time of year.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Now that the little Piggy is full blown crawling, the hard wood floors must be tough on her little knees. I made these leggings for her to help protect the knees a little. Plus its great for her in the mornings when it's a little cooler - keeps her a wee bit warmer without the bulk of pants. And easier for diaper changes.

You can buy these fancy little leggings at baby boutique stores but it would set you back about $12-14. Or you can buy women's trouser socks or knee highs, cut and sew for a fraction of the price.
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Monday, August 18, 2008

No more peek a boob

I've finally made a nursing cover for myself. This is a necessity for our 14 hour flight at the end of the month. We've already practiced using it over the weekend. Bella keeps pulling at it. She doesn't like having something draped over her head. I guess she'll just have to deal. No sense in exposing myself to everyone else on our flight.

Oliver has arrived

Baby Oliver was born the same day as Lisa and Grace's birthday! We stopped by for a visit. I made a few baby burpies with monkey prints (forgot to take pictures) and brought a matching set of burpie/diaper wipe case.

We had to cut our visit short since I had to hurry off to Tanya's baby shower. I got her a Bjorn off her registery and the nursing cover I made and posted along with the matching diaper wipe case (Mod Mommy). It was a hit.

Oh, and Michelle wants to buy the Mod Mommy case for Jenny to use. She thought it was so cute : )

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Travel Necessities

A couple months ago, I was listening to the and they did a segment on airplanes. In particular airplane pillows and blankets. They interviewed an anonymous flight attendant who confirmed that airlines DO NOT clean the pillows or blankets. They simply toss them back up into the overhead compartment for the next flight. Ew, disgusting. In preparation for our flight to Australia at the end of the month, I made my own travel pamper kit. It includes a pillowcase, a lined blanket and eye mask. At least now I'll have a barrier between me and the previous guy in my seat.
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Flowers and Dots

I'm so happy that Lynne liked the Tutu and Pinafore I made for Grace for her birthday. It felt great to give her something I made myself. Lynne's very into DIY ~ and she ususally does it better than what money can buy. So it was a huge compliment that she not only liked them, but wanted to know how she can make them for herself!

In attempt to give Lynne a pattern, I cut one of my own. It's a little larger than the one I made Grace. It gives me great pride to say that I've done a pretty good job. We went to my new found favorite store M&L Discount Fabrics in Anaheim and picked out the fabrics for project. Yi Yi helped me pick out this nice yellow and pink flower print to go with the dot print I chose. From start to finish, this project took about 1 hour to complete. I'm getting more efficient on the sewing machine.
I might revise the patten a little bit - giving it a wider neckline. It's a tight squeeze for Bella's bobble head. Otherwise, the fit is good. I'll scan it tonight and email it to Lynne for her to play with.

Now I'm working on a Bitty Booties project from Heather Bailey. It's simply adorable. However the booties are good for 6mos, so I'll have to modify it for the piggie. I thought they would make great slippers for our flight to Australia at the end of the month. Plus, it's always sooooo cold at my aunts house there, it would keep Bella's little toes nice and warm.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mod Mommy

I'm on a sewing frenzy. Now that I'm more confident with the machine. I got a great pattern online for a nursing cover. I think it looks better that the ones you buy from the boutique stores. I wish I had attempted this sooner so that I can use it myself. This along with the matching wipes travel case will make a lovely gift for either Doris or Tanya.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Cold

It's official, per Dr the little Piggie's got her first cold. She's not tolerating it very well. I feel terrible. She's got some fluid in her left ear and we hope that doesn't develop into an ear infection!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tutu Ta Dah

I keep seeing baby tutus online everywhere. I was tempted to drop $20+ to by Bella one. But then again, I can probably make one for a fraction of the price. When shopping for flannel materials, I came across tulle at $0.89 per yard - OMG! So this is what I've created in about 1/2 hours time.
2 yards of tulle $1.78 + elastic $1.99 + 1/2 hr on a Sunday night = Super Cute!
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I did it!

Here's my first garment I made. I simply put it together. I ordered a DIY Pinafore kit online from The package came with the fabric pre-cut and instructions on how to sew it together. I'm very proud that it turned just as it is suppose to. Even Lisa wants me to make her an adult version. It took about 1 1/2 hour to put together. I think the next go around it will take 1/2 the time now that I know how to do it. So, I'm super excited that I've made something that can be worn. This one is for Grace's 1st b-day. I hope she likes it.

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