Friday, January 28, 2011

Mod Podge Desk Blotter

A little Mod Podge can go a long ways. My hubby brought home a few desk blotters home last night. He thought it would be nice for the Piggie to paint on instead of having to tear open a paper bag and lay down on the table for her to work. I just covered it with some pretty fabric with Mod Podge. Super cute. This one is for my desk. I'm still deciding on what kind of print I want to use for hers.

*Don't mind my toes, they managed to sneak in the picture!
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mosaic Art Reveal

Ta dah! I finally finished this little project I started a couple weeks ago after seeing the tutorial on Remodelaholic. You can read more about it on my previous post.  I'm so loving how it turned out. After a coat of Mod Podge, it looks totally like something you'd by at Z Gallerie.

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Bathroom Mirror Revamp

I finished painting the bathroom vanity in the hallway last week started working on re-vamping the standard 1970s apartment style mirror. Using this tutorial I picked out trip at Home Depot and asked them to cut to size. After I painted the trim, I mounted them in place to make sure everything fits correctly. Believe it or not, my entire vanity and mirror was installed on a tilt. Not leveled at all! Oh well, I'm not ripping out the vanity. So this is how it looks held up with painter's tape. I'm going to have to clean up before I post the reveal.

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Mum Bobby Pins

I saw this tutorial online over the holidays and thought these would make great little party favors for my sister's up coming bridal shower. I ordered supplies from a vendor on who's closing shop, so I got everything 30% off. In no time, I made 10 pairs of bobby pins. I'll also be making some earrings, but these flowers are too big for ears, so I have to do more shopping for an appropriate size. They did turn out super cute. I have extra supplies on hand for last minute gifts.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mo Mo

Last night we attended the Pre-Wedding event at Bloomingdales South Coast Plaza with special guest Monique Lhuillier. She was showcasing her new china wear and a few of her wedding gowns roaming around. Local vendors offered sampling of appetizers and drinks including champagne and pineapple martinis.

 I had no idea how durable china is.  This guy is literally standing on a tea cup!


After Bloomingdales interviewed Mo, we all had a chance to meet her personal and get wedding tips from her. Seeing that I’ve been married for over 7 years, I was pretty honest and told her I just wanted a photo op! She was very nice. And tiny! She was wearing 3-4 inch boots and still only my height.

As a “bride to be” attending the event, I did get a swag bag full of goodies.  Chanel samples, wooden spoon, table runner, expresso spoons, Wustof scissors, dessert plate and some reading materials inside a beach bag. I’d say it was a fun couple hours!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mosaic Art Work in Progress

A tutorial compliments of Remodelaholic.  To summarize:
Take 9 sheets of 12 x 12 scrap paper and cut down to 1 x 1 squares:

Paint out a canvas in black paint and glue each square in place, working from border in:

Yeah, I know...I'm almost done:
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Hallway Bathroom Vanity Re-Vamp

What a simple coat of paint can do! I'm sick and tired of the boring original builder's vanity in the bathroom. Thought a coat of dark paint would help bring the vanity back from 70s.
This is what it looked like before:

Here's after 1 coat of paint:

And here's after 2 coats:

I'll be framing out the mirror as well to match the vanity and changing out the toilet paper and towel rack too.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Formula Canisters

After 2 yrs, I finally decided I'm sick and tired of looking at the formula canisters I recycles to hold my glue and cutting supplies.  So I used some scrap fabric and covered them!  They're no longer a total eye sore : )

Monday, January 3, 2011

Black Apple Doll Gifts

I made these lovely dolls as this years Christmas gifts for all the special little girls in my life. I made 5 total, each with a different dress. The tutorial by can be Emily Martin found via Martha Stewart's website here. These were relatively easy to make. I simply painted the eyes and mouth with fabric paint.
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Spinkles Cupcakes

I got 2 boxes of Spinkles cupcake mix for my birthday a couple months ago.  I made the red velvet ones for a holiday dinner party.  They were a hit.