Friday, January 21, 2011

Mo Mo

Last night we attended the Pre-Wedding event at Bloomingdales South Coast Plaza with special guest Monique Lhuillier. She was showcasing her new china wear and a few of her wedding gowns roaming around. Local vendors offered sampling of appetizers and drinks including champagne and pineapple martinis.

 I had no idea how durable china is.  This guy is literally standing on a tea cup!


After Bloomingdales interviewed Mo, we all had a chance to meet her personal and get wedding tips from her. Seeing that I’ve been married for over 7 years, I was pretty honest and told her I just wanted a photo op! She was very nice. And tiny! She was wearing 3-4 inch boots and still only my height.

As a “bride to be” attending the event, I did get a swag bag full of goodies.  Chanel samples, wooden spoon, table runner, expresso spoons, Wustof scissors, dessert plate and some reading materials inside a beach bag. I’d say it was a fun couple hours!


Anonymous said...

What a fun night!! You forgot to mention the personalized flip books that blow the photo booth concept away by a mile!!

Nancy said...

I was going to try to post a video of the flip books and put their link up. I will eventually get to it. I left my camera in my sister's car :(