Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flat Front Pants

For my sister's wedding, I was looking for cute grey linen or cotton suit. You would think that would not be difficult, I must have looked in all the wrong places because I didn't find it. I thought for sure Easter would be my golden opportunity, still nothing. I did find a charcoal colored sports coat from Janie & Jack on super sale for $22. So I decided to do that with khaki pants. That was unfortunate too, because my guy had out grown his pants... or should I say flood pants? I had an epiphany...I remember seeing on a tutorial on Dana's Made blog on making little boy pants. So I gave that a go.

This was my first attempt (sorry about the quality of the pic...I couldn't find the DSLR). The tutorial was very easy to follow and the pattern was free and down loadable. I like the owl pattern for pjs. I made another pair in khaki colored linen, but I didn't "fit" him for the elastic waist, so it's a bit snug.

Finally, I made the grey ones here. They're lined with white sheets. Turned out really cute! Thanks Dana!

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Ring Pillow

I made this little ring pillow for my son. I simply used scraps from his bow tie and my grandmother's white sheets to make this. I attached fabric covered buttons on both sides so we can attach the ribbon to the button and secure the rings. The bottom button will be used to attach an elastic to secure the pillow on to my son's wrist to prevent him from dropping the whole thing.

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Little Man's Vest

My son will be the ring bearer at my sister's wedding this weekend. Thanks to Ashley's tutorial at Make It and Love It, I made this cute little grey linen vest for my little guy. Her instructions were super easy to follow and made my vest in just an hour or so. I didn't have buttons on hand, so it took me a couple days to finish. But you can see how darn cute it turned out. I picked up the linen from Joann's with a 50% off coupon...so 1 yard was only $4.50. I used the fabric for both this vest and pants.

I used a vest we I got as a 3 piece deal at Target for only $6 as a template.  He'll be wearing this for the rehearsal.

Following instructions to piece together the linen front and back pieces.

I lined it with white sheets from my grandmother in Australia - she can't make it for the big day.  And below is the finished vest!  So darling!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Draw String Bags

I made these to keep the kids socks and underpants from getting commingled and lost in my suitcase. I'm checking 1 large suitcase with my stuff along with the kids. I thought this would provide a much better way to organizing their small items. Lingerie bag for the kiddos just like their mama : )

I also made a couple bags without the draw string to pack my shoes. I didn't want the bridesmaid shoes get banged up in the suit case. I did that one with scraps from the Piggie's flannel snowman pillow case.
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Garland to "Sparklers"

I tore apart the pom pom garland from my sister's bridal shower and hot glued them to wooden dowels. We'll be waving these at her wedding this weekend instead of tossing rice. I'll be making another batch with satin ribbon too.
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