Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Peanut Shell Baby Carrier

I found a great tutorial online for making your own pouch or peanut shell baby sling/carrier.  Why pay $30+ when you can make it to your own specifications for a fraction of the price.  It only took me about 1 hour of cut and sewing time.  It'll probably take less time when I make a second one.  I made the reversible version one with brown/yellow/and green floral print on one side and brown/yellow/olive dot on the other side.  I tried it on for size last night.  Even at 7 mos preggo, I can wear the Piggie on my hip!

***Update - here's a recent picture of me using the sling:


I've been meaning to make my sister an apron since she moved into her new place. Finally decided to go through my scraps and see what I can pull together for her. It was kinda hard since I'm 7 mos pregnant and had to guess on measurements. This was left over from a baby blanket I made the Piggie last year. I just happen to have 1 horizontal and 1 vertical piece left. I simply attached the 2, added ruffles and used ribbon for ties. The ruffles came from the excess I cut off for Piggie's sheer curtains in her room. My sister loves it!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Market Skirt

Here's the modified smaller market skirt for the little Piggie. The prior yellow dot one was base on 2T-3T...which was a little big for her. I reduced the pattern by 20% and rounded the number to the nearest inch in width and length (except for the waist band). It fits her like a glove. She loves it! She tells me it's pretty and everyone else that "my mama made it" - in chinese.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Purse and Blanket

Made by Rae posted this free pattern on her blog. It's been referenced to by a number of different blogs I read and so I thought to give it a try. I found the fabric in the remnants bin at Joann's for $5 and used my left over materials for the liner. I also used interfacing to give it more structure. I turned out great. The pattern is super easy to follow along...I'm thinking of people I can make this for a gift. Lisa thought it was lame when I was putting it all together, but agreed it's way cute with the finished product.

Fairly last minute, the hubby informed me that we're going to a baby shower for a former co-worker. I whipped up this modern dot satin and white minky backed blanket. Hope they like it.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Altered Cloth Blog

Seriously, this blog has a slew of great tutorials - starting with this cute top.  I'm totally making these or something like these for x-mas for all the little girls in my life.  Maybe alter it into beanies for the winter???  I saw a tutorial somewhere...I just have to find it again for beanies!  There's also a cool skirt pattern for adults.  I've been intimidated with back room at M&L off jersey I think I have to troll it for this. And this  headband is so pretty too!

Made by Rae Giveaway

Backpack giveaway!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Minnie Mouse in the Making

I've completed the Piggie's Minnie Mouse costume skirt this morning.  I modified the Market Skirt tutorial using only 1 panel for the skirt (2) 28 1/2" x 9" and (2) 15" x 2" for the band.  The elastic of 20" is still a lille to big for her, so I'll just pin it with a saftety pin on Halloween night.  I'm thinking of adding straps and a extra piece of material in the a romper dress.  Maybe I'll attach with a baste stitch so it's easily removable.  So if she wanted to play dress up or wear it to Disneyland as she grows, she can.

Friday, September 11, 2009

iPod/Camera/Electronic Carrier

Found a great and easy tutorial on making a padded gadget carrier/pouch on Sew Mama Sew.  I've made 3, 1 for me and 2 as thank you gifts.  I modified mine since I didn't have thin elastic on hand.  I used a 3 inch strip of velcro.  Each was placed 3/4 inch from the edge of the pouch.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Toddler Skirts

I found a new blog last week that I've been stalking diligently - Made.  It's given so much inspriration to create.  I've listed a couple of the projects in my "things i want to make".  I started with Dana's tutorial for the Market Skirt.  I found seersucker material at M&L Discount Fabrics in Anaheim for $1.98/yd and $2.98/yd.  I picked out a yellow dot, multi-colored stripe and strawberry print on blue background.  I also picked up a red dot cotton fabric - more on this later.  Below are pics of the fabric and my completed skirt!

I can't wait for the Piggie to wake up from her nap so we can try it on.  The pattern was for 2T-3T so it'll be a little big on her.  I think it's fine tho, she can always grow into it.
As for the red dot fabric, the Piggie's dressing up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween.  I picked up the fabric to make her the skirt with an apron top and frill straps.  I guess more like a skirt romper she can wear over a black top.  We'll just add some mouse ears, white gloves and whiskers - she'll be all set.

Easy Pot Holder Thank You

I made a set of 2 pot holders as a thank you gift. This is a quick and easy project. I used the tutorial on Made. I did simple vertical lines on one and diamond on the other.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Completed Pillow

I finished my bedding set for baby boy. Here's the pillow to compliment the bumper and bed skirt. I love how it all turned out. Thanks again to Lisa for helping me finalize the fabric selection and color scheme.

You can see my crib set - including bumper and bedskirt in my previous postings.
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This is a fun and quick project. Make personalized/custom pony tail holders with a cover button kit. The back cover of the kit has a template to cut out your desired fabric print. This kit was $2.79 and it came with 4 buttons. I just used my scraps from other projects. It literally took me less than 1 min to make this one here. What a fun birthday party activity for older girls.
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Completed Bedskirt

I've completed the bed skirt that matched my simply modern baby bumper. We currently have the crib set up as a toddler bed, so I can't get the full effect of how it looks. Here's a picture of it hanging on the ironing board. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. My measurements slightly off for the front and back, but no biggie.
Here's a detailed view of the peek a boo slit in the center of the front and back.

Now I'm working on the decorative pillow.  It's yellow with white mitered border and trimmed with brown piping.  Since it will be inside the crib, I didn't want to add the graphic circle print on the pillow.  I think that will be too busy.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bed Skirt Part2

It's coming along.  I've completed attaching the pieces together for each panel - yellow & white pique with brown grosgrain ribbon.  I've hemmed all but 3 panels.  Just need to cut the deck piece - the portion that sits underneath the mattress and attach the panels.  I'll have it done this weekend and possibly start working on the matching pillow.  Pics to follow soon!

1 - 29 x 59 muslin for deck
2 - 8 x 16 1/2 side inserts
2 - 30 x 16 1/2 end panels (for 2 toned cut 30 x 11 1/2 for top and 30 x 6 for bottom tone)
4 - 29 x 16 1/2 side panels (for 2 toned cut 29 x 11 1/2 for top and 29 x 6 for bottom tone)
Optional 5 1/2 yds of 2 inch ribbon

For 2 toned:  Attach the 2 different fabric along the 30" or 29" length side with 1/2" seam.  Press seam open.
1.  Hem the sides and bottoms of each side insert and panel by pressing 1/2" and then 1/2" again.  Stitch on the edge of pressed hem.
2. Attach the tops of the insert and panels to the deck.  Attach the side on the 30" of the deck with 1/2" seam.  Align the 29" panels to the corners of each front and back side and attach with 1/2" seam.  Center the insert panels between the 2 front and back side panels and attache with 1/2" seam.