Monday, October 5, 2009

Hawaiian Shirt Success

Ah ha!  Success is mine finally.  I called Simplicity this morning and had to leave a message.  They called me back and was not at all helpful.  The lady on the phone insisted that the pattern measurements were right and that there should be no puffing.  Obviously I had problems, that's why I had to call them.  Anyway, I went to bug my neighbor seamstress and she saved the day!  She showed me how to trial and error reduce the pattern by laying the original and down on a folded piece of paper and cutting it down.  Ultimately after 3 tries, we (she) got it.  This is what I had to work with this afternoon:

The rest of the pattern to finish off the project was fairly straight forward.  I thought the button holes and buttons would be tricky, but it turned out pretty easy.  Here's my finished product:

Although the b-day boy is turning 1, I sized this for 18 months...that way he can grow into it.  I didn't want to risk making it too small and being a waste of my effort.  I saved my pattern so that I can make one in the future of our little guy : )  Now I'm looking for a hoodie that I can applique one of these Woody cars to the side of.  I think it would compliment this nicely.  I went to Target yesterday and didn't find anything.  Any suggestions?

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