Friday, September 30, 2011

Saving a candle

I love scented candles. I think that's why I love going into Aveda or's always scented in their stores. I usually get soy candles since they burn longer, at lower heat, and clean. A few years back I found Wicked Bean at my local farmer's market. I instantly fell in love with their unique scents - White Tea Cactus, Winter Sage, and Chardonnay & Apricots. Sandra, the founder taught me to light candles for at least long enough for the top layer to pool. That way you get a complete burn vs a hole down the middle. I thought this hold true with all candles, nope. I got a soy candle from Pottery Barn as a gift and no matter how long I burn the darn thing, it doesn't seem to pool the top layer. It's a total waste that probably 1/2 of it is left.

Put the candle in the microwave to melt down the soy wax.

Drop in a wick and wait.
Ah ha!
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