Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coconut Cupcakes

I make these a couple times a year, and every time it's a hit. I fell in LOVE with coconut cupcakes years ago when I used to work in Santa Barbara. My co-work Deb would make a batch a couple times each year and bring it in for all to enjoy. I really never even considered trying it, but everyone said I had to, even for someone who doesn't particularly like coconuts, I was an instant fan. Deb made her using Ina Garten's, aka Barefoot Contessa, recipe. Very good, calling for lots of sugar, butter and eggs = 774 per cupcake!

While listening to Good Food on KCRW (local LA NPR radio station), I heard about an interview with LA Times writer Noelle Carter about Auntie Em's. He even included the recipe in his article. So I gave that a try. Tastes pretty darn close to Ina Garten's. It calls for oil instead of butter and less eggs = 463 per cupcake. The recipe yields 18, but I always come out with 20. Mine are probably a wee bit less since I use low fat cream cheese for the frosting.
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Anna of IHOD said...

I am suddenly craving cupcakes like nobody's business.
Love the bracelets you made by the way!
Your blog is so much fun!
:) Anna

Nancy said...

Thanks Anna : )

Tang said...

These look so delicious!!! I really want to try and make some now!

P.S. I wonder if they are the same taro rolls you've had too! I don't know many people who make them.