Thursday, September 29, 2011


Coconut water is all the craze these days. When I was pregnant with my first, my mother used to buy young coconuts by the case at the asian markets and have me drink these. I got hooked! She still buys in bulk for me. I'm just not very good with hacking the tops she has to do it for me. A case of 9 can go for only $6.99. When I'm in a bind, I settle for Vita Coco. It's as close to the real deal. Other times when the urge hits and I'm at a store that doesn't carry Vita Coco, plan B is Zico.

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Anna of IHOD said...

Actually I haven't heard of this but have heard of all the coconut oil benefits. I need to try some:)
Hope you have a lovely fall weekend!
<3 Anna

Nancy said...

It's a south east asian/& south american thing. I was surprised I liked it since I don't generally care for coconuts. I tried it only because it was suppose to be good for my pregnancy:

Now I love it since it's so refreshing.