Monday, August 22, 2011

Super Duper Easy BBQ Baby Back Ribs!

This was last night outside of my house as I'm waiting to pull dinner out of the oven.

And this was dinner!  Yeah, you read that right, out of the oven not on the grill.  I came across this super easy fool proof recipe online a few months ago when I googled BBQ ribs.  This is awesome because I can put it in the oven with only 5 mins of prep time and get this delicious mouth watering slab of meat in less than 1 1/2hrs.  Seriously.  I've done this almost once every other week and finally remember to take a picture before eating it.  HUGE THANKS to Becks over at Delish for posting this recipe.  I used Emeril's Essence as a rub with the salt and pepper.

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