Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jersey Knit Accessories

I found this roll of pink and white stripe knit in LA couple weeks ago and instantly thought of a couple accessories posts.  The first that immediately came to mind was Lil Boo Blue's Pom Pom hair accessories.  Then I remembered V and Co's bracelets.  I was super excited try making these.

My first attempt at the pom pom was pretty sad.  I followed the tute but modified the cut pieces based on the width that I had...I went 5/8 x 5.  The pom pom wasn't full enough. 

So my second one I tied it off to give it a bow effect.  Still am not lovin it.

My 3rd I went for a smaller one: 5/8 x 2 1/2.  Much better!

With extra pieces I had cut, I tried something else.  I layered 3 loops and sewed in the middle to create a bow and then tied a knot around it.  I'll probably just hot glue it onto a head band.  Cute!

I had to modify my bracelet tho. I have small wrist and don't normally wear bracelets.  Even using the tute's thinnest version, it was too chunky for me. 

So I just braided mine, like the necklace I made a while back.  There's a few tutes online including Lil Boo Blue and Cakies

I also saw a cute version for kids and adding a bow instead of a knot to hide the seams (as soon as I remember where I saw it, I will provide a link).  So here's the mini I made for the Piggie.

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Anonymous said...

Sooooo cute. I really love the bracelets too.