Friday, August 19, 2011

Fine tuning the jeresy knit bow

Okay, after tinkering a little bit more with what I had...I think I'm finally happy with what this version.

I'm working with a BIG roll of jersey knit that's 1.5 wide. I've cut them down to: 1.5 x 3 strips. 

Feed a needle through each strip back and forth...with strip overlapping the last.

When completed with last strip, pull thread tight so you cinch the pieces into a bow.

Wrap your thread around center a couple times, secure and tie off.

Take another strip 3/4 x 2 and tie a knot to cover your thread. You can either hot glue in place or sew the seams.

For a fuller bow/flower - use more strips. This is what 4 strips of fabric will produce in fullness. I wouldn't use less than 4 for jersey knit because your bow will look sad and wilted.

I guess you can use other fabrics to create the same effect. I'll try and report back.

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