Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tangled and Some

No, not the movie...My son keeps getting is foot stuck in the slats of his crib.  He hasn't woke up screaming yet, I just keep noticing it when I check on him through out the night.  I used left over foam from my daughter's bumper I made last year and made a quick cover to attach to the crib.

I also managed to make a couple re-usable snack pouches.  I see these all over the Internet.  I actually contemplated on buying a couple at Toys R Us yesterday but decided I have enough scraps to make some.  I lined fabric with Zip Lock freezer bags and Velcro closure on the top.  These were basic pouches and makes me feel better that I can re-use them.

Again, with the weather getting warmer, the kids are starting to wear tank tops.  Seat belt straps are very uncomfortable.  I honestly don't know what happened to the ones I made a year I had to make new ones for the car seats for the kiddos.  I just cut out 5 x 5.5 inch squares and fold them over.  I did back the fabric with pre-made quilted fabric to give it more padding instead of batting - which I didn't have any on hand.

Last week I made Real Simple's Pasta Carbonara and Italian Sausage.  This recipe was in one of my old magazines..I think it was from a couple years ago.  It was very easy to make and very yummy. 

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