Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quited Christmas Stockings

I'm making Christmas stockings this year for all of us.  I need to get it done before the G-man arrives.  According to the doctor, I could be delivering any day now!  During Joann's Doorbuster after Thanksgiving sale, they had 50% off coupons on regular priced items.  I picked up some double quilted fabric in burgundy and light green.  I'll be making 2 of each color and 2 sizes.  I found a template on Martha Stewart's website I liked...Poinsettia Fringe-Cuff Stocking.  I blew up the template to 400% to make the small stockings.  The large ones were free handed increased in side approximately 1.5 inches.  I trimmed them with cream colored double sided quilt.

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