Friday, September 17, 2010

It a big project

My Aunt has a breakfast nook in her kitchen with a window seat.  The cushion was in terrible shape.  She's literally had the same one from when she first moved in like 20 years ago.  The fabric looked like terrible 80s floral bedding and was completed wore out that the foam was exposed!  She asked me to make her an updated current cushion for a replacement.  This thing is 2 yards long and 30 inches deep.  Lucky for her we found this awesome upholstery fabric at M&L for $2.98 a yard.  I recently got a 50% off coupon for Joann's so the foam was $40 (3 in thick).  I think she'll be very pleased with how it turned out.  I was off on my measurements and one of the corner is bunched up a little bit.  But it's ok because it's a corner that faces the wall. 

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