Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pretty Pearls

I've been lusting after a string of bronze pearls for a long time. I was struck with inspiration last night at Joann's. A pack of these glass pearls were only $1.49 (2 packs) and the ribbon was $1.99 for the roll. I had to also buy a bead needle to thread the peals on sale for $1.39.

The holes in the pearls where super tiny, so I couldn't thread the ribbon thru it. Instead, I used a gold colored heavy duty sewing thread I normally use for hemming jeans. It worked out just fine.

Finished off with a bow on the strand and double knotted the thread. I used another bow to cover up where I tied the knot.

End result is a beautiful necklace for less than $7 with plenty of ribbon left and threading needle for future projects! So really, it was probably less than $5. Pictures didn't turn out as well tho! But you get the gist of it.

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