Thursday, October 2, 2008

Minky Blanket

This was my first attempt at a minky blanket. I've reworked it at least 3 times and still can't get it work look as perfect as I had hoped it would turn out. I've since read that minkys are hard to work with and should consider a walking foot on the sewing machine. I'll give that a try on the next go around. I should probably start with a easier blanket that is simply turned inside out and top stitched instead.

On a brighter note, I've finished the birthday banner for the little piggie. Well kinda, I think I still need to outline the letters P, I, and D with fabric paint so it pops out more. Her big bash is next weekend and I have to get a move on with the tutu I want to make.

I was able to repurpose our old wedding thank you cards into these love birthday invitations. I think it turned out nice. Invites were sent out last week. Lynne has offered to bake chocolate cupcakes, I'm making coconut cupcakes. Grandma Lin will be bringing down some party trays of food. Grandma Woo will probably contribute something too.

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STU said...

hope you all have fun at the party. happy Bday to Isabella!