Friday, March 25, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Even with blinds and curtains, for some reason I can't seem to evade light. I can keep it pitch dark in my bed room when I go to sleep, the problem is that the Mr likes to read his magazines in bed. And he tends to do that for at least an hour. Solution: sleeping eye mask! Duh! I made one a couple years ago and spent the last few weeks looking for it. Then a couple weeks ago I went on a Mammoth snowboarding trip (sans Mr & kids) and knew I was going to be in the "singles" room. You never know how late other people want to stay up and you certainly can't have the room pitch are they suppose to find their way around? So I actually made an eye mask and brought ear plugs. It worked great. Unfortunately, it fell out of my purse on the drive back into my sister's car! I can't wait for her to remember to bring it. So here it is, an assembly line of mass produced eye masks. Besides for myself, I've made extras for an upcoming event and my girl friend's daughter's school x-mas boutique (i know, it's only March!).
I got the template a long time ago here. Prudent Baby also have a great tutorial if you need step by step instructions. I did use their tutorial for inspiration on mine. Never thought about using minky. Anyways, you simply cut out your materials. I had left over satin damask print from a previous project.

Since my satin and minky fabrics are so light, I lined it with a dark flannel to help screen out light.
The stacking order is flannel, minky then satin. Make sure the minky and satin's right sides are facing each other. Pin the elastic sandwiched between the minky and satin.

Stitch all around leaving a 1 inch opening on the top to turn inside out. Then top stitch the entire mask.

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