Thursday, June 10, 2010

Island Time

Just finished this birthday gift for Leanna's 1st birthday party this Sat. I'm posting it now because I know her mom doesn't read my blog, so no threat of ruining the surprise. Well, she already requested a Hawaiian dress for Leanna, she just doesn't know what it looks like yet. I picked up a yard of this cute pink and brown Hawaiian print at Jenny's a couple days ago.

I used the same pattern as the previous dress I made the Piggie last October. Except I didn't write down the measurements of the body of the skirt so I had estimate it again. This time I made the skirt 15 (along the fold) x 17. I hemmed the bottom of the skirt 3 inches...that way if I guessed wrong, we can always let out the length. Current measurements is for 18 - 24 months, a little large for 1 yr, but I figure she can always grow into it - we are in California!

Here's the completed dress. I can't wait to see her in it. I still have some left over fabric. I'm trying to go through some of my previous projects to see if I might be able to craft something for her mom too.

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